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FAQs is extremely easy to configure and use. You will be guided through the setup of your new account and you will get familiar with the available features from the first use of our software. You can also check up our Knowledge page for detailed resources that present the software functionalities.

A client can schedule a meeting through the personalized link you share with him/her. You have to create the link to the corresponding event type, which you will also configure on the platform, and share it with your clients via email or other messaging app.

Our AI scheduling assistant is a bot that helps make scheduling a lot more efficient and with minimum effort on your behalf. You first have to provide an email address for the AI feature. Any emails from your clients requesting to schedule a meeting will be managed by the bot, using automated language detection and email replies. Please refer to our Knowledge page for in depth information.

Yes, is available to use with a free account, with certain feature limitations. For the full range of features, you will need a paid user account, at $10 per user billed monthly or $7.5 per user, billed yearly.

Yes, you can go back to a free account or cancel your subscription to anytime. However, it’s important to note that the fees collected for the current month at any time before your decision to cancel cannot be refunded.

Yes, is a great tool for scheduling team meetings. Your team members’ calendars can be integrated in the same place, everyone is notified instantly upon new meetings and can confirm their attendance easily. Please check our Knowledge page for more information about scheduling team meetings with

Yes, can be used to schedule any type of appointments or meetings — live and online, phone calls, webinars, conferences etc. Please check our Knowledge page for more information about the type of meetings you can integrate with

Yes, you can use for your local business. You can use it to schedule appointments with your clients, prospects or anyone else that needs your service, whether you are a doctor, lawyer, business consultant, electrician, or whether you own a spa, beauty centre etc. Please check our Knowledge page for more information on our app’s features.

Yes, is a great appointment scheduling tool for a variety of businesses and offices, including medical practices. Your patients can easily schedule their appointment with you online. Please check our Knowledge page for more information on our app’s features.

500apps is our flagship company. 500apps builds SaaS apps to optimize business performance by leveraging modern cloud technology. is an app in the 500apps portfolio that provides innovative, AI-powered meeting scheduling for businesses and professionals.


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One of the most versatile tools out there in the market. It covers the essentials you might need for your day to day social media
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Its a really useful platform and our social media activity has been much better in terms of both organization and analytics.
Steven Ortega

Marketing Manager


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