simple meeting planner

Simple Meeting Planner

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Meet with people from across all time zones with our simple yet effective meeting planner. Find the best date and time with

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Meeting planner for all online bookings

Customize your bookings to a fine degree and optimize your schedule to achieve cost and time objectives in an efficient manner.

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business hours

Business hours

Choose the hours you want to operate. Flexible business hour settings let you take complete control over your schedule.

recurring time intervals

Recurring time intervals

With recurring time intervals, you don't have to set availability every day. Set it once, forget about it, and never accidentally have a meeting during your non-working hours again.

cap meetings

Cap meetings

You can decide how many events or meetings you want to have. Avoid filling your days with back-to-back meetings with no time to rest. Choose an event type, limit the number of events scheduled for the day, and stay organized.

schedule notice

Schedule notice

Get notified before a meeting begins. Decide on the time you would like to give yourself before a meeting is scheduled and then schedule the notice. If you don't need it, you can skip it; whatever is convenient for you.

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