Finding a time that suits everyone’s needs could often be challenging, especially when all the communication that happens at the back end is through texts, email, and one-to-one. Thus the need for the right meeting scheduler application. is one such smart and flexible application which helps to reduce the hassle of scheduling meetings with easy event link sharing and the extremely efficient AI scheduling assistant to help with the more mundane activities, such as following up and re-scheduling. Create your event calendar to share your available times and dates with your customers. This will encourage your customers to only approach you while you are available, based on your preferences.  

So, Why

  • assists in booking hassle-free meetings with a personalized scheduling link that can be shared with customers so they can choose their most convenient time slot for a meeting. They can book available times, reschedule meetings or cancel a pre-booked appointment if they have changes to their availability. This solution helps keep you well informed of your day’s activities, while also handling all the required communications in the backend. 
  • Say goodbye to endless back and forth communications to schedule a meeting with the help of a smart AI scheduling assistant. The assistant works like your personal assistant by ensuring that only bookings for which you are available and that fall in your preferred area are available to be booked by the customer at any given point of time. The AI would meet all your customers’ needs to reschedule, cancel,  move up or postpone a meeting, all based on your availability and preferences.
  • Efficiently unite your team by checking their schedules, picking a time that works for them or by sending them invitations to set a meeting time. Imagine if there is a customer who requires support and you can check your team’s calendar and book a time to resolve the problem quickly.
  • Time zones are automatically synced, so there won’t be any need to calculate the time zone differences. No need to look at which location falls under which time-zone or calculate the difference in time zones or worry about too late or too early call.
  • By using, you can now extend the notifications to other calendars services like Google and Microsoft Outlook. You can access your calendars on your mobile or other end-point devices based on your preference and location.
  • Automated notifications would be sent whenever there is a new calendar entry, canceled or rescheduled event. Thus assisting you to know exactly what’s coming up next or how does your weekly calendar looks like.
  • With buffer times, you can set a break between appointments so that you will not exhaust yourself and also have time for a few refreshments or prepare yourself for the next meeting.
  • With the minimum scheduling notice period, you can prevent any impromptu conversations and take control of who you meet and what it would be regarding. 
  • Organize your meetings to suit your specific needs by creating custom event types and defining your time slots, minimum buffer time required between two meetings and minimum scheduling notice period. Let the mundane and unimportant tasks like notifications, follow-ups, reminders and rescheduling activities be automated for you with the built-in. Simplifying the access points for your customers to reach you when they need to with the best-in-class AI scheduling software available.

A scheduling software that lets you customize your scheduling calendar at your convenience will hand back the power to plan your meetings for a resounding success and enhanced customer experience.  

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